Our People

Mariwasa’s proudly 100% Malaysian workforce are the backbone of the company. Multiracial, multi-religious and from all walks of life, they range from highly skilled artisans to semi-skilled craftspeople, and all of us share our commitment for client satisfaction. We run an apprenticeship program for artisans and craftspeople, and we engage in continuous human resource development through courses, trainings and mentorships.

Our people enjoy competitive pay and benefits, with healthcare, insurance and further education opportunities.

Aside from full-time staff members, Mariwasa also sources labour from local women’s organisations and village co-operatives, which allows its members to be gainfully employed from home. In addition to assisting local communities, our company also offers internship placements for students from a wide field of studies, amongst them business, fine arts and product design.

For more information on job opportunities and internship placements, please contact hr@mariwasa.my.